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The higher your standards the fewer your choices... Conventional thoughts and practice will lead you only to conventional results. It was the unconventional thinkers who changed this world. We have created a new way for learning and teaching, which is the result of decades-long research of S&G's meritorious academic team. Keep pace with the age. Let's together make the teaching - learning process a life time experience.

Who We Are

S&G institute of science and S&G - the two divisions of S&G Learning Systems (P) Ltd., are being run by a group of eminent academicians, since 1987 and we crossed Silver Jubilee Year, in 2012. S&G is well known for its commitment to the students and parents. S&G has created tens of thousands of winners over a period of 29 years...... and we are here to create yet another mile stone in our journey...!

Started with just 7 students in 1987, S&G became the most heard of and the most widely spoken about "science institute" in its domain....... Thousands of out-gone students and their parents have appreciated the quality of education, the disciplinary frame work and the commitment of S&G. We have a long and unquestionable tradition of 29 years in providing quality Tuition for Pre-Degree, Plus Two and Degree courses and Medical/Engineering/IIT Entrance Coaching.

In the Silver Jubilee Year, we stepped into the newest arena of education, with the support of the state- of- the art technology. Yes..... We started Live, Interactive Online Tuition/Entrance Coaching, in addition to Off-line classes, making use of our vast experience in the teaching-learning arena. With the technology advanced so far, learning has become an easy thing and teaching has become a more serious affair. Yes. Keeping pace with the age, we introduced future teaching method, in our Silver Jubilee Year. This is the method by which teaching-learning process is going to take place in future......

We are ahead of time.... Let us together make the teaching-learning process a life time experience.....!

Our History