In offline learning, you are one among the many in a class room. You will feel the inconveniences of being in a group. But in online learning, you are at home. You can learn while enjoying your privacy. In our system of online, live, interactive learning students can clear their doubts then and there. You can ask doubts, while your teacher is presenting topics and get them clarified through chatting or by voice. You can make any discussion regarding the topics with your teachers in the real time.
In our system, online learning comes with the help of 3D and animations. This will help you understand the concepts more easily and deeply. Seeing and learning is more effective than the traditional hearing and learning.
So, online, live, interactive learning like ours is more comfortable and beneficial than the traditional offline (Class Room) classes.

In the traditional offline classes, you will have to travel a few kilometres daily and will have to spend money and time for it. If you calculate how much you spend monthly or yearly on travelling you will wonder... But in our system of online, live, interactive learning system, you need not travel; you need not spend time and money for travel. The only expense will be the price for a computer (one time charge) and the connectivity charges. You should have a wired, broad band connection, monthly charges for which will be INR 500 or so. As compared to travel time, travel expenses and the travel related problems this amount is highly negligible...
So, online, live, interactive learning is more effective and economic...

In our system, there is a mechanism to communicate daily with parents. In addition to it, the parents can discuss with the officers of academic wing and teachers in charge, through video conferencing.

S&G Learning Systems Pvt. Ltd. Is being run by a group of eminent academicians, led by its Chairman, who has been in the Medical/Engineering/IIT Entrance Coaching and Degree/Pre-degree/Plus Two Coaching since 1982-83. So S&G knows what a student require to win through competitive examinations. We have used our 33 plus years’ experience in preparing the study materials and designing the teaching – learning process, keeping in view of the student community. We assure you that the materials from us and our classes will be highly effective and useful for every class of students – average or above average or brilliants.
We give you unlimited tests and exercise, in order to make you a sure winner….!!
All at nominal prices …….!!

From our decades – long experience and observations, we realize some facts:
* Knowledge alone will not help you win the race.
* You should be able to answer the questions in the allowed time.
* It needs practice. Intensive practice. Committed practice.
* So time management is included in our practice materials, for the competitive examinations.
* You can do unlimited number of exercise and test papers, which will, surely, help you finish every question in stipulated time frame and it will make you, ultimately a sure winner….!!

Step 01:
Read the text books/notes and other conceptual materials. Have an understanding about the concepts.
Step 02:
Go to S&G virtual class rooms. Open S&G NEET.
Step 03:
Select any Subject, any Chapter (which you have already had an idea from conceptual books).
Step 04:
Select Exercise or Test. Select any number of questions. Attend them.
Here you will see the most important and the most often repeated questions in addition to the most possible questions.
Time management is there.
After attending the exercise or test, you can see your score, analysis and report.
You can also view the solution to every question. It will help you have more understanding about the way of approaching a question.
It will help you have more understanding about the concepts.
It will help you answer a question within a time frame.
It will help you score in NEET and in Board Examinations.
Practice together with knowledge makes you a winner. We will make you a winner. Start using S&G NEET and be a sure winner….!!

We are in technology era. Why strain so much to travel long distances to have quality classes? It is now available at your fingertips, thanks to the technology innovative team of S&G Learning Systems Pvt. Ltd.
With our state of the art technology supported virtual class rooms, you can enjoy the quality classes from the most powerful and effective faculties from the different parts of the country.
By using S&G online facilities:
* You save time of travelling
* You keep away the troubles associated with traveling
* You can be free from tiredness out of travelling
* You can save money, because, online learning is more economic.
* You can learn everything from the comfort of your home
* You can learn anything and everything even when you are moving
* You are accessible to our class rooms/study materials from anywhere, any time, from any device (mobile, laptop, desktop etc.)
* You can use the time you spend on FB, WhatsApp etc. for meaningful studies.
Why do you stay back? Start using S&G online facilities.